“…The things that didn’t kill me didn’t necessarily make me stronger…instead, they made me colder to the world and the people in it.”


A Heart-warming, moving, tranquilizing, true story of a young girl who felt abandoned at a young age due to her parents moving to the United States without her, in hopes of creating the ‘American Dream’. Following the move, she was subjected to years of child abuse from people who were trusted by other family members. Dawn lived her life in permeated fear, and was unable to fully trust anyone for years to come. Not only did she live in fear, but she also suffered through a roller-coaster of emotions in dealing with abandonment issues, low self-esteem, and an insurmountable amount of hurt so deep, that it would take what would seem like a lifetime to heal.

Join Dawn as she takes you on her journey through her childhood obstacles, and share with her all the laughs and tears; as she tries to find ways to overcome her abuse, in this first of three-part harrowing memoir, “The Colors of Dawn: Secrets Within.”

The Colors of Dawn: Secrets Within