5 Tell-tale signs that your partner is mentally cheating on you

We are all aware of the physical proof as to when our partner is cheating on us. They do things such as, turn over their phones so you are unable to see the incoming calls or texts, they buy new clothes to feel revived, or they are all of a sudden 'staying late' at work. These new active signs are well known by the masses; but what about the signs we don't know about...the signs that can bring a once steady relationship to shambles? The signs of a mental cheat as opposed to a physical cheat.

When someone cheats just for the physical, it is just that...for the physical. No emotional attachment at all whatsoever is involved. You flirt, make plans to meet, and then for a great deal of people, have sex and some, never see each other again. When someone mentally cheats it is a much deeper and threatening to a relationship.

10. You no longer talk about the future.

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